The Owners

Maurice Solis - Plantacea CEO

Maurice Solis

Decades of work in consumer sales instilled in Maurice his deep appreciation for the importance of delivering superior customer service. He found a passion and a home in the emerging legal medical cannabis industry with the opportunity to help revive a struggling Bay Area dispensary. That success fueled his desire to help shape the patient-centered business model that emerged as the reLeaf medical cannabis dispensary in Vallejo. 

Maurice is determined to maintain that tradition of personalized care for our medical patients with Plantacea, while extending the same high level of service to our new adult use customers.  

Anh Solis - Plantacea CEO

Anh Solis

After starting down a career path that took her to study genetics at UC Davis and develop a internationally marketed line of skin care products, Anh’s life and direction changed with her father’s terminal stomach cancer diagnosis. A search for alternative therapies led her to discover the many medicinal uses for cannabis and a new mission to bring the benefits of this remarkable plant to people in need. Her vision became reality with the founding in 2010 of reLeaf Alternative Healing in Vallejo with husband Maurice. Plantacea builds on the experience Anh garnered working with more than 11,000 medical cannabis patients to extend that vision of service to an even wider public. Her passion for expanding the base of knowledge surrounding therapeutic benefits of cannabis and promoting the legal industry continues as a driving force in our organization.



Seaside Management

Chris Porter - Plantacea Cannatech

Chris Porter

Born and raise in Napa, Chris' passions include family, outdoor activities, snow boarding, and mountain biking. Chris worked at a printing company before being hired as a cannatech at reLeaf in Feb 2014. Chris is excited about helping people at a local level and educating as many people about cannabis as possible. Active in the cannabis industry for 24 years.

Judy Huynh - Plantacea Seaside Management

Judy Huynh

Seaside resident for over 35 years. I studied business administration at University of Hawaii of West-O'ahu and California State University of Monterey Bay. I enjoy spending time with my family, sports, cycling, cooking, and the beach.  For over twenty years now, I have been running and operating a family owned restaurant business in Monterey County.  Spending many working years in the banking industry, as a California notary public, volunteering, and restaurant business. It has broaden my appreciation and perspective on the importance of great quality customer service. For that reason, I enjoy working and helping people from all walks of life. I have gained a strong devotion to providing high-level customer satisfaction and experience with all my consumers. I take pleasure in building strong and healthy relationship with each and every one of them.
Everyday, I try to set a strong foundation for my two children and teach them the importance of being compassionate, loving and happy. Our youth are our future and for them to model those characteristics, I believe it will allow them to develop and establish wholesome relationships where ever their journey takes them.
As a supporter in the healing power of cannabis, I am excited to be a part of Plantacea to bring awareness in medical cannabis, by treating conditions that have been proven to increase the quality of life of many patients and their family.



Vallejo Management

Ryan Eusebio - Plantacea Cannatech

Ryan Eusebio

I grew up in Fairfield. The things I enjoy are sports, my dog, and hanging out with family and friends.I was hired at reLeaf as a receptionist in October 2014 and now work as Cannatech supervisor. The reasons for working in this industry is my love for cannabis and helping others. Also using cannabis to treat my reconstructive knee surgery is what really made me believe in the medical side.




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Marlowe Aguilar

Born and raised in San Francisco.   I currently live in Sacramento with my wife and our two beautiful children.  I've been in customer service for over ten years, with six years’ experience in management.  My sister and I ran a successful elderly care home called, Aguilar Elderly Care, for over five years where we specialized in caring for patients with Dementia.

I also have experience in the Financial industry where I created customized game plans to help people become financially independent. With that being said, I genuinely care for people and love to help solve problems.  All of our patients are unique and need different care.   By listening carefully and attentively, we gain their trust and are able to go beneath the surface to learn their concerns. From there we make our recommendations. 

Being part of the Plantacea team has opened my eyes in the world of Cannabis.  We are truly more than a dispensary.  We strive to give extraordinary customer service 100% of the time, but more importantly we strive to make life long relationships