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"The guys in the back were so kind and knowledgable. For someone who hasn't used much cannabis in the past, they brought out exactly what my doctor recommended and even recommended other strains. They let me smell all of them and were helpful in getting me the right medicine. Thanks!"


"Ann at the front desk is the nicest worker at any dispensary I've been to. The sales staff is always knowledgable & helps me pick my meds based on my needs. When I'm not happy with my purchase, I can exchange it! I love you guys!!!"


"I love coming here - I can really be my true self around you guys unlike how I operate with anyone else because of my acute autism. I also can rely on you guys to help me out when I'm trying to spend in a certain range and numbers aren't adding up right."


"The people here care about you as a patient! They clearly have a passion for helping people and their pride extends to the facility. When you register as a new patient you immediately feel like family."


"This place is awesome. I've had three pretty painful surgeries in the last four months. Cannabis has proven so much better for pain than the percocet and morphine the hospital initially sent me home with. Pain control without being held hostage at home from the side effects of prescription pain meds. It is lovely to be legal."


"This place was great! With me being a first-timer there they treated me very professionally and the woman at the front desk is extremely nice. Definitely check them out. I will be returning."


"The receptionist was nice and detailed. Got to work with Dusten and he was very nice and helpful. Went above and beyond to help me decide on what was best suited to my needs. Found my new favorite dispensary!"


"Smiles when you enter, friendly and helpful staff while you're there, farewells when you leave! Love coming here, always a good experience and tons of selection! Highly recommended!"


"I've checked out numerous dispensaries this is the one for me. The security guards outside and the staff inside are always very nice. The entire ReLeaf experience is very civilized and the products they sell are of the highest quality. I am very thankful that places like ReLeaf exist."


"The very friendly informative cannatech knew his products, was friendly to all of the patients that were in the room, and was very attentive to each and every patient that I witnessed him working with. I got what I needed and I left and was completely blown away by the professionalism! Bravo!!"

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1st time at one of these new places. Im a disabled firefighter and in constant pain. I’ve been on oxys for years and they have really messed me up so i thought i would try this. The staff in the front and back of store treated me better than any other store ive been to in years. Took time to find out what i needed talked to me about my options. Taught me what i needed to know. If this stuff works i will definitely go back there. I’ve been told NOT BY THEM that it does not work for everyone. Understand they were very open and honest about everything i just put in that to clarify ive talked with friends and not all have faith in this type of treatment for pain. The store is extremely clean and options are plentiful. Again if your looking for this type of store i cant imagine a better one or a better staff. If i could give them 10 stars i would!

A Happy Patient


"A great example of how any business should be run. The customer is truly #1. Love, compassion, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful smiles, not to mention the obvious excellent meds. Releaf just keeps getting better."


"Nice to know they have the patients needs in mind & stand behind their products. Thanks to the lovely guys who helped me out today. You guys are always top notch across the board in my book."


Fantastic customer service. Everyone was friendly, from the security to the budtender. Prices were listed with tax included, which should be the standard. They have options for those on a budget, and high quality product all across-the-board.


Well from my experience for myself they do care I called 10 minutes before they closed and I was in Vacaville and had to be in Vallejo I got there after they closed but since I was on my way when I called them they allowed me to come in thank you place I would recommend to anyone.


Staff is super friendly. Verification was quick and they did all the work. Waiting area is nice and clean. Selection ain’t bad.


Knowledgeable, friendly BudMasters who all provide discrete 1:1 service! Releaf (Plantacea) has great prices AND they called me by name as I entered the front door on my 3rd visit! All nice touches, Releaf. Thank you for setting the bar so high!


We routinely drive over from Concord just because we love this place. The staff are all a awesome, they know their stuff, and they're invariably warm and friendly. You're quickly on a first name basis and feel welcome. They have a HUGE variety of product, paraphernalia, and inventory. There's rarely much of a wait time. Always well staffed. Safe location. Parking is on the street, and we always find a spot close by without any trouble. Couldn't recommend this place more highly.


Went to visit Releaf (Plantacea)  based on a friends experience. Omar helped me out and there was one girl that checked me in. The whole thing was great. I had a young man open the door for me and all the bud tenders were very kind and knowledgeable. I will be coming back.


I’ve been coming here for years now and this is still the best dispensary around, every employee is awesome and caring, the dispensary it self is super clean at all times and the prices are always fair and they’re always looking out for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal! I definitely recommend this dispensary to all my friends and family, it’s definitely worth checking out!


I am giving 5 stars for the customer service as I am very new to the cannabis world and don't know much about the medicine itself. The staff (security guards, greeters and the bud-tenders) are courteous, professional and welcoming. They took the time to explain all my questions and made feel like they genuinely cared about me. I will return, and recommend to others. Thank you so much Relief for the great first experience!