Cannabis and Well-Being


Review updated demographics and motivations of cannabis use.

Explore clinical measures of well-being and the relationship between well-being, mindfulness, and health outcomes. Examine data from well-being and mindfulness studies in cannabis users including the impact of stigma on well-being of cannabis users



1. When Rumi said "Be Here Now" I wonder if he ever envisioned Marie Claire staffers review a digital wellness app. Meet Moment, an app that wants you to stop touching your  phone. (

2. Meet Dr. Lorna Quandt, a Deaf Neuroscientist using science to show that gestures are more than just expression tools. (

3. You definitely need to know about Dorian Morris ( , the creator of a CBD oil beauty line with social justice at it's heart. Her line Undefined was a hit at the inaugural SXSW cannabis track.


One a day keeps a brain juicy they say!

1. The World Happiness Report is out & guess whose in the Top 20??!?! (
+ Doctor's Note: Word on the street is there are free vacations to the #1 happiest country, Finland, circulating on the internet.

2.  The New York Times recently published Four Key Steps to Being Happier. (
+ Doctor's Note: Mindfulness underlies all their suggestions, which is why we know they work!

3. Easy to read infographic on how exercise makes you Happier! (
+ Doctor's Note: Hint, the endocannabinoid system is a key factor friends!

4. Did you know your happiness is dependent on cannabinoid receptors? (
+ Doctor's Note: Dr. Tanja Bagar from the Fundacíon Canna kindly explains why the endocannabinoid system maybe the key to happiness.

5. Not only are cannabinoid receptors the key to happiness; their density & location change depending on culture! (
+ Doctor's Note: This study totally highlights how cannabis prohibition may be hurting humans.

6. Would lying in bed and getting paid $19,000 make you happier? If so, NASA is calling your name! (
+ Doctor's Note: Scientist at NASA are looking for women to stay in bed for 2 months and as compensation you get, $18,522.

7. Turns out that logging off Facebook actually improves your subjective well-being...also in news, water is wet. (
+ Doctor's Note: The ** new joint study from Stanford and NYU (
highlights how much social media can affect our subjective ratings of happiness...Yowza.