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“Good location, clean, very personable people. I know they need patients to keep their doors open but I would like to keep it my awesome secret! You gained a loyal patient and I would drive even farther for your services.
Keep up the great work, you are the BEST!!!”

A Happy Patient

Citizen Science Meets Cannabis!

A Call to Action

Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinally used plants recorded in human history. Yet, even after all this time, there is still a heated public debate about what the exact benefits and risks of cannabis-use on well-being and mental health. The absence of good, reliable data is such an obstacle that in 2017, a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommended that MORE research be conducted to better understand the effects of recreational and medicinal cannabis use. 

An Innovative Solution

After the many years of helping patients navigate the cannabis industry landscape to find effective personalized therapeutic applications, we have know, first-hand, the urgent need for good science to inform our work and customers. Since federal funds to research the effects of cannabis are highly restricted and virtually non-existent, Plantacea has decided to support independent research on cannabis. We are so excited to announce the creation of Plantacea: Innovation Labs! Headed by two expertly-trained neuroscientists, the first project of Plantacea: Innovation Labs will examine the relationship between cannabis, well-being, and mental health.  

How you can help

Members of the Plantacea: Innovation Labs team will be stationed in the reception area of Plantacea dispensaries to conduct the survey and collect data.  You can help by taking 10 or 15 minutes at your next visit to complete short survey. Our neuroscientists need a rich set of data to help focus our broad questions about the effects of cannabis in mental health and well-being. Your cannabis experience matters! 



Meet the Plantacea:Innovation Labs Team

We’re incredibly excited to have such skilled brain scientists guide and perform the research for this groundbreaking project.

Alan Ceaser - Plantacea: Innovation Labs

Alan Ceaser


Chief Science Officer

Dr. Ceaser, a veteran of the US Armed Forces, is an expertly-trained clinical and cognitive neuroscientist dedicated to creating innovative tools for mental health treatments that improve daily functioning and quality of life. Combining his extensive training in mental health research (including research at the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch in the National Institute of Mental Health, clinical doctoral research at Washington University in St. Louis, and advanced research training as an Interdisciplinary Scholar at the Stanford Neurosciences Institute at the Stanford University School of Medicine), with entrepreneurial insight gained as a graduate from the Stanford Ignite program at the Graduate School of Business, Dr. Ceaser has an acute understanding of the intersection of mental health, integrative health care, and brain research. Dr. Ceaser’s insight will help center mental wellness in our studies of cannabis and well-being by leveraging his rich understanding of mental illness through the lenses of clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Debra S. Karhson - Plantacea: Innovation Labs

Debra S. Karhson


Principal Research Scientist

Dr. Karhson is a highly trained translational neuroscientist on a mission to bridge the gap in mental health research between preclinical bench-science and human applications for cannabinergic neuromodulators. Informed by her research training in biomedical engineering (Drexel University), cognitive neuroscience (Tulane University), and developmental neuropsychiatry (Stanford University School of Medicine) as well as patient-based self-advocacy organizations, Dr. Karhson’s perspective on mental health research landscape is unparalleled. Accordingly, her research expertise in the human endocannabinoid system (which mediates the effects of cannabis) and technique training in neuroimaging (i.e., electroencephalography, EEG) are indispensable inquiry tools for our current and future studies. Dr. Karhson’s knowledge and expertise will help center innovative data-driven approaches to our studies on cannabis and well-being.