Happy Healing

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Two simple words that can have a tremendous impact on well-being, but somehow remain tricky to understand—and attain.

Since Plantacea’s start in 2010, we’ve witnessed something remarkable: Our patients seem to be an extremely happy group. To see if our observation was correct, we decided to test it. We conducted a survey with 400 randomly selected Plantacea patients regarding their general happiness.

The results were astonishing. A whopping 96 percent of the Plantacea patients polled reported that they were somewhat happy to very happy! Only four percent said they were somewhat sad, and none reported feeling sad to very sad.

At Plantacea, we’re fixated on Happy Healing. Every day, we see how cannabis contributes to happiness with its physical, emotional, and spiritual healing capabilities. It’s why we’ve made it our goal to introduce the scientific, political, and healing communities to the power of cannabis to promote happiness.

In fact, we believe in the concept of Happy Healing through cannabis so much, we are teaming up with researchers, social workers, community leaders, psychologists, doctors, and others to formulate a formal research study on happiness. Plantacea is a place of acceptance, healing, peace, and harmony.

We’re proud to be part of the community and, together with our wonderful staff, proud to serve our patients. We look forward to making Happy Healing a reality for years to come!

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"The people here care about you as a patient! They clearly have a passion for helping people and their pride extends to the facility. When you register as a new patient you immediately feel like family."

A Happy Patient


Emotional Intelligence

Plantacea is a sanctuary where patients and staff can come together to do the powerful work of healing. We strive to create a loving, safe, and comfortable environment where patients can feel cared for and welcome. Preserving a harmonious setting at Plantacea requires a high EQ—emotional intelligence quotient. Emotional intelligence means the ability to gauge a patient’s mood, condition, and needs, and customize the interaction accordingly. It’s about listening and paying careful attention to the person in front of you. In other words, compassion.

Developing emotional intelligence takes time and commitment. .

At Plantacea, we strive to understand each other’s emotions. We use positive words of encouragement to direct our messages effectively. We believe whole-heartedly that honesty and compassion go beautifully together. We are here to support and uplift each other

The culture of Happy Healing starts with our Plantacea staff. To successfully assist our patients with Happy Healing, the Plantacea staff is committed to acting in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner at all times. We deliver a program of ongoing training and coaching to help our staff improve their EQ and better recognize and respond to patient needs. Many Plantacea patients are dealing with serious illnesses and other challenges. By making sure that each member of the Plantacea staff has a high EQ, we ensure high-quality patient care with a positive attitude.



Our Commitment

Our goal at Plantacea is to be a source of joy for our patients. We take this work seriously in part because many of Plantacea’s patients are extremely ill. They count on our unique, nurturing style of patient care to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. We encourage and remind our staff to stay positive, think good thoughts, and bring the best intentions to every interaction.

Our staff works hard to stay present, stay grateful, and cultivate an attitude of inner peace.

When they arrive, Plantacea patients are welcomed in a warm and friendly professional manner We want each visitor to feel special. They’re the center of everything for us, and we make them feel that way. Every patient is welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, or politics. We are unwavering in our commitment to unbiased service.

The Plantacea culture of Happy Healing starts with our staff. Every single day, we strive to give happiness abundantly and make each patient’s day a little better—after all, giving joy is the best way to improve our own happiness, too!



Plantacea Standards of Happy Healing

As a child, founder Anh Nguyen-Solis was influenced by a school program called Community Partnership for Youth (CPY), a prevention program providing positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, and violence. CPY encourages healthy boundaries and self-esteem.

Plantacea’s Standards of Happy Healing echo the CPY model:

  • We greet each other each day with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.

  • We honor and respect each other, so we address one another in a positive way.

  • We value each individual’s physical and mental space and are careful not to intrude on or injure each other.

  • We are mindful of what is true and strive to be honest.

  • We treasure our rich heritage and hold the cultures of all people in high regard.

  • We strive to reflect our beauty both inwardly in our understanding and outwardly in our clean and neat appearance.