Want to learn a new industry from the inside?
Enjoy meeting and helping people?

Come grow with the Plantacea family!

We understand that happy and motivated employees will provide the highest level of care and customer service.
We believe strongly in continual training and education for our employees so that our customers and patients can benefit from the
most up-to-date information in a rapidly developing industry.

We offer opportunity for advancement and regularly solicit feedback from our staff, as well as providing perks like free lunches.

We work to create an intimate, safe, and comfortable environment for our medical patients, and that starts with our staff.
We look for candidates who will act in a respectful, courteous, and professional way, and who demonstrate emotional intelligence - the ability to gauge a
patient’s condition and emotional state, and customize their interactions accordingly.

Plantacea Happy Patients- Careers

If you enjoy learning and sharing knowledge to assist people from all walks of life,

then Plantacea is the right fit for you!