About Plantacea

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Anh Nguyen-Solis and Maurice Solis founded Plantacea in 2017 to give patients in the Seaside area access to medical cannabis in a friendly, professional environment. Committed to spreading the word about the safe, healing benefits of cannabis, they are helping to set the standard in responsible, compassionate cannabis care

In addition to their work with Plantacea, Maurice and Anh are human rights activists who are passionate about building strong and resilient communities. They’re active in creating and supporting programs to help improve the lives of children, single-parent families, the homeless, and those struggling with mental health issues.

To learn more about their work supporting local communities and discover ways you can help, visit our community outreach page.

“Having worked with thousands of patients as well as leading experts and educators in the field of medical cannabis, we have seen first-hand the positive impacts this miraculous plant can have on human lives. Our work at Plantacea is to bring that knowledge and therapy to as many people as possible.”

Anh Nguyen-Solis & Maurice Solis

Plantacea CEO's Maurice and Anh Solis

"The best price. Friendly and professional staff.
I love you guys."

A Happy Patient

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"Everything about the building looks professional, including the desk attendant. John was my cannatech and he made sure I left with the proper meds, while being attentive and professional.

Above all, their policy on being able to return medication that you believe was not up to your standard is what makes this place better than the others. This is the first place I have ever been to that has offered me that kind of an exchange policy."

A Happy Patient

Plantacea delivers high quality medical cannabis care in a friendly, professional setting.

Access a positive healing experience with expert guidance.

At Plantacea, we do more than fill your prescription, we guide you on a healing journey. The Plantacea team of Cannatech experts works with you to match your needs with the right varietal, dosage, and means of delivery. If you’re familiar with cannabis, we can help you get the most out of your treatment. If you’re new to therapeutic cannabis, we’ll help you explore its effects safely and confidently with individualized care every step of the way.

Choose from more than 100 individually vetted cannabis products.

Plantacea offers an extensive selection of cannabis products, each professionally tested for purity and effectiveness. We stock only the highest quality cannabis products and maintain close relationships with suppliers. In addition, our Cannatech staff personally tests each new product to gain first-hand knowledge of its effects.

Fine-tune your prescription for maximum benefit.

Our Cannatechs want to hear about your experience. If you’re not fully satisfied with your prescription, bring it back for credit toward your next purchase. It’s that simple. We’ll help you choose a new product until you find the best fit for your needs.

Visit Plantacea today to talk with a Cannatech expert about your medical cannabis goals.